Where you’ll find me…

I work where communications, consulting, coaching and content overlap. It is a hugely rewarding and creative zone – a thrilling mix of people, words, visuals, stories, businesses and organisations, great ideas, events, dreams, ambitions, strategic objectives and personal goals that need to be reached.

I am based in Paris and London. 

All consulting, coaching and writing services are fully deployable online.

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What I do…

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I help people communicate with impact. Offering support with delivery choices, I coach high-impact speakers and story-tellers. I prepare speakers for conferences and future superstars for key interviews, talks and corporate or media events. My central aim is to make sure my clients and their ideas shine.

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As an EMCC-accredited coach, I work with leaders who need to drive change, engagement, performance and sustainable growth in line with corporate values and objectives. I help unlock aims and ambitions, removing blockages and self-limiting beliefs, so the right goals can be established and attained. My mentoring expertise lies in high-impact communication for inspiring leaders, for women in leadership, communication for successful teams and building corporate training and communication events.

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I write and I translate. I work in English and French, crafting strategic content and hard-hitting copy. I find the right words to help people and organisations tell a story that will inform, educate, engage, sell and inspire to they can be confident in their key messages and reach their strategic goals.

The official-sounding, third person bio, in case that’s what you’re looking for: 

Lucy Hoffmann is an executive coach and strategic communications consultant and mentor, with over 20 years’ experience in corporate and public communication. She works with individual clients, teams, start-ups and corporations to create bespoke coaching, training and consulting solutions. She has broad experience across a wide range of industries and specialisations including banking, finance, pharma, manufacturing, sustainability, scientific research, food, AgTech, government departments, international diplomacy and higher education. 

Her ability to encourage constructive conversations and connect ideas means that Lucy is regularly asked to chair experience-sharing workshops that help overcome preconceived ideas and build on shared knowledge. Her approach is highly intuitive and empathetic. Lucy’s expertise in putting across ideas and ‘making the room work’ draws on a deep knowledge of effective and interactive learning processes, encouraging constructive conversations and a personal love of storytelling and the performing arts. 

Lucy helps her clients to grow in their roles, communicate with impact and influence and overcome obstacles to achieve their full potential. They see real and measurable results that are both immediately applicable and long-lasting, helping them to achieve their desired goals. She is a qualified coach and mentor through The Executive Coach-Adviser course with CoachAdviser (London), accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

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